My Publications

Contact: first dot last at gmail dot com

I am a Computer Science Theory researcher.  I will start as a postdoc at the ARC Center at Georgia Tech under the guidance of Santosh Vempala in the fall of 2018.  Before that, I got a PhD in Computer Science from MIT and a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford, both advised by Virginia Vassilevska Williams.  I also have a BA in Computer Science and Math from Tufts University.

My research interests lie at the intersection of Combinatorics and Computer Science.  As computer scientists design algorithms to handle massive data sets, brute-force methods become infeasible, and it becomes necessary to exploit the inherent structure hiding within the data.  In my research, I prove theorems about which combinatorial patterns must appear in any large enough data set, and then I use these to improve algorithms for their analysis.  I especially like problems related to graphs and/or shortest paths.